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About Us

Separating fact from opinion is
now an everyday obstacle course.

Staying informed means wading through thousands of headlines, ads, and op-eds, all driven by one goal. To be loud. To continuously catch your attention and keep it. But that’s why we started 1440—A news source made for knowledge. Not clicks.

Our Story

1440 is the daily news briefing followed by millions of readers. But it began as an email we sent to 78 people.

Every morning, we’d wake up to the same broken media landscape. Filler content. Talking heads. Opinions. Infotainment. But one day, instead of repeating the cycle, we started working on a solution: comprehensive news sources edited to be as unbiased as humanly possible.  A daily briefing—in one simple email. For more insight. And less outrage.

We’re an employee-owned news source, not affiliated with any larger media outlet.

Our Mission

To share fact-focused information with the world.

Because 3.6 million people trust us to be as unbiased as humanly possible, our readership spans the political spectrum. Roughly 33% are affiliated with the left, 33% with the right, and 33% are independent.

Our Standards

To deliver facts without motives, we commit to these guiding principles daily.

1440 Standards

Human first.

We prioritize people and the community. Because understanding the world enables personal growth and engaged citizenship. It helps us be better to each other.

Transparency and accountability.

Publishing facts without motives requires honesty. From how we make money to our editorial process — if you have a question, please ask. We answer every message.

Relentless curiosity.

We’re driven by a never-ending passion to learn. A relentless desire to understand our community. Country. World and universe. To express this, we ask questions.

1440 Editorial Standards

Consequential news only.

We don’t waste your time with speculative or opinion-based stories. 1440 shares the news that significantly impacts people, places, or communities.

Facts and action. Not just words.

We will never cover a news story about any person, political or otherwise, based on cherry-picked quotes. Or a story based on what a person is thinking.

Context. Not interpretation.

This is not a newsflash: our readers are smart. So, we provide the tools and links to dig deeper, and we publish the details that help connect the dots.

1440 Partner Standards

Alignment with our mission.

Our mission: to share fact-focused information with the world. We choose our brand partners based on mutual alignment and shared values.

High quality is a requirement.

Brands we place into the daily briefing must have an existing customer base with a strong reputation for consistent quality.

No miracle products. No motives.

We rigorously score and vet potential brand partners, so you’ll never see ads from political campaigns or entities, tobacco brands, or bait-and-switch products.